Warcraft Valley

Episode 13 - Angsty X-Men vs. Sexy Sinister

February 24, 2020

Teenage angst comes in many forms. In this case, it comes through the X-Men bickering with each other on DeadJournal, written by teenage Ryan and Katie who were freaking out halfway through their senior year of High School. Poochy gets "possessed" by a demon, mostly to excuse Ryan's erratic angsty behavior. Don't worry, though -- It's resolved when Stitch (Yes, the same one from Lilo & Stitch) uses his powers to remove the demon from Poochy's body (This really happens in here). All of the X-Men are fighting with each other over stuff that makes no sense, but really it was just Ryan and Katie having an angsty teenage argument through the characters they were roleplaying. And Mr. Sinister keeps showing up to do something ridiculously sexual. Just wait until you hear about when he was a hologram... And we laugh the whole through. This is peak bad fanfiction writing, folks, and we own it!

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