Warcraft Valley

Episode 14 - Poochy’s Gay, and so are all of the X-Men!

April 23, 2020

Ryan slowly made his way out of the closet in High School to his friends and family, but his role play character full-on came out to do what he couldn't do in real life. Poochy immediately sleeps with all of the male X-Men, Vash and Wolfwood, and Brooklyn from Gargoyles. Meanwhile, Gambit also decides to start banging Wolverine, and Cyclops is also boning dudes. Suddenly! Everyone is gay. There are a few X-Men political points sewn into the plot, also Jill Valentine is there because why not, but let's be real: This chapter is literally porn. Everyone is having sex, and none of it is correct because it was written when we were horny teenagers and clearly had no sexual experience. It's actually hilarious to look back on and laugh at how naive we were about sex. This may be the most on brand episode of Warcraft Valley yet!

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