Warcraft Valley

Episode 16 - The ISO Chambers

August 12, 2020

Our goofy teenage fanfiction takes a very dark turn in this episode. Professor Xavier hires a bunch of his evil buds to come over to the mansion, and slaps power dampeners on everyone to straight up start torturing all of the X-Men in horrible and brutal ways. Xavier implements what he calls "The ISO Chambers", in which various X-Men are tortured and punished for not doing exactly what he wants in his mutant agenda.There is a lot of physical, mental and emotional violence in this episode coming from Xavier, just as a heads up.

Somehow Poochy and Bishop are some of the few left to save the X-Men, and to also bone on the side. Bishop can't figure out what's going on and Poochy is comically stomping around the vents of the X-Mansion to break into the ISO chambers. Emma does all of the heavy lifting until eventually it is revealed that Xavier was "possessed by the Hellfire Club", but it was clearly just Xavier being Xavier.

We are not sure what was going through Ryan's teenage goth head at the time, but we theorize it's a product of not being able to easily come out of the closet 20 years ago, and he had to internalize his own feelings while witnessing what tragedies the LGBTQ community has had to endure over the years. 

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