Warcraft Valley

Episode 17 - The Return of Nekawa

September 17, 2020

This chapter of Katie and Ryan's fanfiction universe is the end of an era, written during the time period in which Katie was moving out of her home and into a college dorm. After the last episode where all of the X-Men fought in some ominous "great war", all there is left to do is tie up loose ends. All of the X-Men are magically safe and throw a huge party, where the mysterious Nekawa returns from being MIA, due to Steph being unavailable to participate in the roleplay. In a few lengthy entries, it is explained during some completely bonkers side mission to save Nekawa took place in Mr. Sinister's Zelda world.

Meanwhile Nightcrawler and Poochy have a completely absurd 5 page story depicting Ryan's teenage angst, then Jubilee and Gambit get engaged?!?! We're going ahead and saying this episode is off the rails.

Tell us your thoughts about the episode! Or do you want to tell us about your embarrassing teenage fanfics? E-Mail us at warcraftvalley@gmail.com

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