Warcraft Valley

Episode 18 - The Fall Cape Cod Trip

October 14, 2020

In the spirit of the spooky holiday, we read one of Ryan's stories in this fanfiction world that takes place in the Fall, during Halloween, in Cape Cod. While Jan and Goliath prepare to enjoy a romantic weekend together, every character from every universe shows up to crash the party. We're talking X-Men, Avengers, Thundercats, Batman, aliens... You name it, they are there! Poochy brings along the Flash as his romantic date even though he's clearly banging Tony Stark. Kannie can't stop pranking everyone. It's not clear at what point in time this story happens, or which version of the fanfiction world this is even taking place in. And as the Autumn leaves fall to the ground, the X-Men and Thundercats find themselves inside a haunted house where Poochy keeps getting stuck in pumpkins, and Gambit keeps getting hurt. Meanwhile, Logan is hooking up with... Panthro?! This is a wild ride, folks.

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