Warcraft Valley

Episode 19 - Warcraft Babies

November 19, 2020

We continue our little break from your regularly programmed Fanfiction to share the first part of this Warcraft Valley holiday special Ryan had written titled "Warcraft Babies". In typical Muppet Babies fashion, our self-insert characters are written into 5-year-olds who eat magic cookies to go find Santa Claus. On the way they meet a lot of familiar faces from X-Men, Gargoyles, Thundercats and the Avengers. Basically this is an acid trip of a fanfiction within a fanfiction, but isn't that most holiday specials?

Tell us your thoughts about the episode! Or do you want to tell us about your embarrassing teenage fanfics? Have you written a holiday story in the past? E-Mail us at warcraftvalley@gmail.com and we will read your messages on air!

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