Warcraft Valley

Episode 2 - Goliath Gets Really Sick & Brooklyn Goes to SPACE

August 22, 2017

As our story continues in this wonderful self-insert fanfiction universe, Janet Wolf's husband, Goliath the Gargoyle, falls incredibly ill to a bunch of detrimental diseases. We don't really know the specifics, but according to this story, they're BAD. Can Goliath survive the author's torturous hands? Probably not, because there are two major characters deaths just casually written in passing. It's up to Dr. Poochy to find some sci-fi super-spy SPACE MEDICINE to heal everyone, and he's taking Brooklyn along for a ride (Double entendre intended).

This story also recaps the lost "Poochy's Story" which tells of his origin and why Ryan's character from GENO is even in this universe.

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