Warcraft Valley

Episode 3 - Here Come the X-Men!

November 13, 2017

The time has come... The X-Men are here!

Well. Some of them at least.

As we dive further into Katie and Ryan's fanfiction universe they wrote as teenagers, we meet the X-Men. This is the start of a long landslide of Warcraft Valley becoming mostly an X-Men fanfiction intertwining with other universes. All of the women are in charge, and all of the men cry and have relationships with each other. In this, Wolverine gets sick "for the first time" and sobs about it, Goliath gets a procedure below the belt that takes up at least 5 pages, Cyclops is into some weird kinky stuff with Jean behind closed doors, and Poochy's a doctor who refuses to give any actual diagnoses or is useful in any kind of way.

There are marriages, life or death situations, cameos by characters who may have been made up on the spot, renaissance fairs, and lots of gruff men crying.

Welcome back to Warcraft Valley!

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