Warcraft Valley

Episode 11 - Welcome to DeadJournal

March 5, 2019


We have finally reached a new era of our fanfiction universe -- DeadJournal -- Because we were TOO GOTH for LiveJournal.

This was the start of our unhinged teenage years, and it reflects by the time we get to entry #2. Blood is everywhere, body parts are flying all over the place, people are getting possessed by psychics and demons, every adult is acting like a snotty teenager, Gambit and Archangel keep getting kidnapped, everyone is a swordsman, Jan's heart is breaking, and Poochy has developed approximately 9 different powers and may be a sailor scout retreating to a secret Renaissance planet that is literally the Legend of Zelda.

Also the cast of Trigun has been randomly placed into the team of X-Men, and it's not even explained where they came from or why they are there.

At least we have a newcomer writer and character to the series, Nekawa, a rogue Thundercat shapeshifter who has amnesia and is working for Mr. Sinister. She may be good or evil but NO ONE KNOWS.

Want to tell us about your embarrassing teenage fanfics? E-Mail us at warcraftvalley@gmail.com

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