Warcraft Valley

Episode 12 - The Legend of Poochy Chainlink and the 9 Sacrad Crystals

January 14, 2020

After all of the goth demonic angsty start of our teens, the fanfictions take a break from the typical sexy X-Men stories so Poochy and Nekawa can go be in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Except we're not calling it that. Instead it's "Gifio7" and "The Sacrad Crystals", but all of the sages and even the talking Deku Tree are there, so it's blatantly Legend of Zelda. Mr. Sinister still is up to his tricks, and up inside Poochy -- Literally. It's weird. And Poochy is "possessed" during it.

Speaking of possessions, the Dark Phoenix has returned and is taking over peoples bodies casually in the background. Don't worry, it goes unresolved, because a giant war breaks out when all of the Trigun characters show up and the X-Men have to help the Warcrafts battle a version of Vash who is also possessed. Also Jan is also possessed, and so is Nekawa. Everyone is possessed! Even Jean-Luc, who is possessed and also a shapeshifter.

Oh, and jellyfish gets wrapped around Gambit's thing-a-ling, because this IS a Warcraft Valley fanfiction.

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